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Wood rebate definition

wood rebate definition

They also are commonly equipped with a spur which is designed to score the bodybuilding transformation challenge rules wood as the rabbet is cut, giving a cleaner corner.
The sinking a rabbet in the dead-wood, wherein the heels of the timbers rest.
To join (pieces of timber) using a rabbet Word Origin C15: from Old French rabattre to beat down Collins English Dictionary - Complete Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition William Collins Sons.
A joint made between two pieces of timber using a rabbet verb (transitive).(Can we find and add a"tion of Foxe to this entry?) Translations edit Anagrams edit Portuguese edit Verb edit rebate third-person singular ( ele and ela, also used with vocĂȘ and others ) present indicative of rebater second-person singular ( tu, sometimes used with.Etymology edit, from, old French rabatre batre.The rebate plane commonly has a depth stop and a fence which allows the width and depth of the rabbet to be gauged.Verb (used with object rabbeted, rabbeting.Formal second-person singular ( usted ) imperative form of rebatar.A kind of hard freestone used in making pavements.It's a simple tool, used in many Western countries, with hundreds of years of history.Even with the extra strength the joint is still relatively easy to construct and its appearance is also more appealing compared to a regular butt joint making it a better joint for carpentry or cabinet making.A rectangular groove made to hold two pieces (of wood etc) together ; a rabbet.) present indicative form of rebatir.A recess, groove, or step, usually of rectangular section, cut into a surface or along the edge of a piece of timber to receive a mating piece.Cut tenons on the end rails and rabbet them and the side pieces for the panels.Etymology 2 edit Verb edit rebate First-person singular ( yo ) present subjunctive form of rebatar.2014 printable blank coupons for gifts September 11, Jeff Howell, Home improvements: The dangers of abestos roofs print version: Where can I find help at the double?, 6 September 2014,. .It also fits into a rabbet on the upper back side of the shelf.In an end-lap joint on rabbet ed pieces the joint must be adapted to the rabbet.A wood rabbet plane, a Stanley #92 Cabinet Maker's Rabbet Plane.Pronunciation edit uS iPA ( key /ibet /bet noun edit rebate ( plural rebates ).Woodworking for Beginners Charles Gardner Wheeler The back should be set in a rabbet as in the cases already shown.To join (boards or the like) by means of a rabbet or rabbets.