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What is the meaning of give away

what is the meaning of give away

To be connected with, as by a telephone operator: Give me 235-7522.
Give, confer, grant, best made promo code present may mean that something concrete or abstract is bestowed on one person by another.
Give of, to devote or contribute generously of: to give of oneself; to give of one's abundance.To produce, yield, or afford: to give good maui military discounts results; 9 8 gives 72; The hen gave six eggs a week.Way 1 (def 25).To furnish, provide, or proffer: to give evidence; Let me give you my umbrella before you go out in this rain.That remark gave away his real feelings.To put an end to; stop: They will never give over their impossible dreams.To concede or grant, as a point in an argument.(often foll by for) to transfer (something that is one's own, esp money) to the possession of another as part of an exchange: to give fifty pounds for a painting.Old English giefan (W.Give ground, to yield before superior force, as of arms or of reasoning.To hand in; deliver: Please give in your timecards.Old Frisian jeva, Middle Dutch gheven, Dutch geven, Old High German geban, German geben, Gothic giban from PIE *ghabh- "to take, hold, have, give" (see habit ).Present, a more formal word than give, usually implies a certain ceremony in the giving: to present a citation to a regiment.Pax Vobiscum Henry Drummond And I'm sure that they give away even more than they receive.