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Wae contest rules

wae contest rules

For M2 and MS entries, altering the logged time of the QSO so as to fit the band-change rules, the QSO will be removed with an additional penalty of 10x for QSO points and for Multipliers.
CW QSOs must be made in the CW portion of the band.
A remotely operated station must obey all station license, operator license, and category limitations.The word reside shall be defined as: To dwell permanently or continuously or to occupy a cvs rogaine mail in rebate place as a person's fixed, permanent, and principal home for legal purposes.12:00 UTC Saturday to 12:00 UTC Sunday.QRP Assisted (All Band or Single Band Total output power must not exceed 5 watts.Contest exchange: For Ukrainian stations: RST(RS) two letters (oblast abbreviation For all other participants: RST(RS) serial number starting from 001.Contacts between stations on the same continent but in different countries count one (1) point.Call sign errors gilt coupon code september 2015 (bust) or call signs not in the other log (NIL) are removed and receive a penalty of three times the QSO point value for that contact.Box 4850, Zaporozhye, 69118, Ukraine Reception of every e-mail LOG will be confirmed.Single Operator Assisted entries are not eligible for this category.Web upload is the preferred method of log submission.Transmissions by the entrant on frequencies outside of license limitations.Contact the Contest Director for instructions.
Contacts should be logged at the time they are completed.
Also you can check the reception of your log at http www.