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Vouchers for cat neutering rspca

vouchers for cat neutering rspca

Owning an unneutered female dog or cat can be very stressful when they come into season.
You will be asked to providence of your address and income which can be done electronically or through the post.Having your male cat snipped will protect him from a nasty disease called FIV - which is the same as HIV in people, but for cats.This isnt true - in fact, its just an old wives tale.Im worried that my cat will be too young to be spayed.When cats get the urge to mate, they are responding to a biological need.Having her spayed by four months can stop this.Why do cats need to be spayed so young?Unneutered male cats tend to be territorial and can be more aggressive towards other male cats which can result in fights.Just as you protect her from diseases with vaccinations and microchipping so she can be returned to you if she gets lost, spaying will protect her from getting pregnant.My cat doesnt go outside, do I still need to have her spayed?This can stop him from spraying in your house to mark his territory, which can be very smelly and unpleasent, and getting nasty injuries from fights because he want to have sex.Id rather wait until she older.It cant be caught by people.Home How we Help Neutering.Sorry we are not neutering female dogs at present.There is no need for a cat to have a litter of kittens before shes spayed.Whilst in season, a female cat is likely to attract unneutered male cats to the garden.
The vouchers will have an expiry date, 2 months for Cats and 4 months for Kittens from the date of issue.
A neutered female dog or cat will no longer come into season hankook mail in rebate 2017 and so many of these problems can be avoided.