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Type moon fanfiction contest

type moon fanfiction contest

A sad loss to Ranma and Sailor Moon save as hotkey word 2013 fandom.
Drives me 's an insult not a noun.Fortunately, a final chapter has been released that outlines what the outcome would have been (Superman fighting Girder, Blacksmith going One-Winged Angel with her own office building, Flash and Zoom having a final confrontation, Wally and Linda becoming the Official Couple and Zoom getting sucked.Was at one time the most influential Crack Fic (and one of the most influential fanfics period ) in the Haruhi Suzumiya section.The writer, shezan, does respond to PMs on LiveJournal, and if you're polite will tell you what her vague plan for the rest was before she stopped writing.It's a dark and cynical look at the Nanoha universe, realistically drawn and very well written.And there's still no word on chapter.Lum, believing that she is being proposed to, and unaware of Ryuunosuke's real gender, agrees, and even when Ryuunosuke reveals that she's a girl, she still wants to go through with.Word of God that the story hasn't been abandoned, but it's at the bottom of his priorities.We live in hope!Land Before Time: Voyage last updated in 2010.Is an alternate take on 'A Canterlot Wedding where Queen Chrysalis decides not to imprison Twilight Sparkle and instead, manipulates her into turning against her friends for abandoning her at the wedding rehearsal.By June 2003 it quit entirely.Thus, the last one was June 2014, with no word since.But the 3 extant parts are visible below.Also from the The Land Before Time section, Land Before Time: The Mysterious World has fallen silent.Author Existence Failure was thankfully averted, but John had injured his hands and so was unable to type anything for about a month.Street Sharks Redux by Dark Light Shades was a retelling of the TV series Street Sharks in a much.
There is Unconditional Love, a Tales of Symphonia fic, that probably will never be finished.