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The horizontal sweep of an oscilloscope is rated in

the horizontal sweep of an oscilloscope is rated in

The scale is read in the sur la table coupon classes upper white window.
They connect to personal computers and use their displays.
In any oscilloscope, the horizontal sweep is measured in seconds per division (s/div milliseconds per division (ms/div microseconds per division (s/div or nanoseconds per division (ns/div).I once knew a professor-who should have known better-who would never use the probe's ground clip lead; he would leave it off the circuit he was measuring, or remove it completely from the probe.There is one signal port for each channel.This enables you to change the horizontal scale.You will use the scope to observe signals that repeat frequently.Tube of Green Worms click - blocks - for - details, paramount to using any piece of equipment effectively, is having some understanding of what is going on inside; this is especially rebate power tool true for the.Instantaneous voltage appears on the vertical scale, with positive values going upward and negative values going downward.Usually the signal voltage will equal the triggering voltage twice, once going up and once coming down.useful - links: - m/Scopes/ - - m/Scopes/ - m/ - Formally HP Questions or Comments about this site webmaster Suggestions are Solicited, P l e a s e!In effect, the device draws a graph of the instantaneous signal voltage as a function of time.Check this knob frequently as you take data.If you do not find a trace, push this button.The sweep runs for 65 usec-displaying one complete horizontal scan line (the 188th).
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