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Sweeping strikes warrior

sweeping strikes warrior

It will hit more reliably and show up in combat log correctly.
Sweeping Strikes is a essence writing contest warrior ability learned at level 60 for those with the Arms specialization.
Patch.0.1 Mechanics changed.Patch.11.0 (20-Jun-2006 This spell has a number of fixes: When used ikea international gift certificates in conjunction with Execute and the second victim is below 20 health, they will be hit with the full Execute amount.It is a passive ability which causes.Patch.0.4 Can now be used in any stance.Using this ability in Defensive Stance activates Battle Stance.Sweeping Strikes now lasts 10 seconds and affects your next 10 swings.Mortal Strike and, execute hit 2 additional nearby targets (was 1).Patch.3.0 (13-Nov-2007 Sweeping Strikes and Death Wish have swapped locations in the talent trees.Sweeping Strikes will not cause, execute to strike a nearby opponent unless the nearby opponent has less than 20 health (does not consume a charge of Sweeping Strikes either).Patch.0.2 (14-Oct-2008 Death Wish and Sweeping Strikes have swapped locations in their respective talent trees.Citation needed, patches and hotfixes, patch.1.5 Makes.Patch.0.2 Now raffles rate requires Battle Stance.See also External links.Belt is kinda meh, but one extra swing more is better than nothing.Reply With", 08:08 PM #3, another question, is SS worth using in M?It is a 10 second self-buff and costs 10, rage ; for the next 10 seconds, all melee attacks hit both the target and an additional nearby opponent.If the second victim is not below 20 health, they will be hit with normal melee swing damage; If the ability you are using does not deal damage, it will not use a charge of Sweeping Strikes; The extra attack it generates when used with.This ability now works correctly in all cases with shielded targets.Slam or, mortal Strike on an opponent, it will strike the nearest opponent if you have Sweeping Strikes.Reply With", 10:53 PM #4, originally Posted by, paszo.
Patch.7.0 (13-Sep-2005 Sweeping Strikes will now ignore dead targets, and will ignore PvP enabled targets if you are not PvP enabled.