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Sweeping and mopping the floor

sweeping and mopping the floor

You may not think about your broom very much, but it's worth getting a good one.
The added ridges create a gentle scrubbing ability, and they also lock in any loose debris you mop over.
The special design will allow you to pick up loose debris and scrub the surface clean at the same time.Hang it to avoid bristles.2, clear the area.When sweeping very dusty areas such as garages, try a sweeping compound to avoid spreading dust to shelves and other surfaces.The string mopper for rough and sponge mopper for smooth floors.Tell us more 2013 college slam dunk contest about it?Wring out more or less depending upon floor type, preference and other factors.The main difference is in the head material because it will be more durable, and it will act like a broom and mop in one.Floor cleaning is generally carried out in two steps.The water from the mop can warp the flooring.If you choose to vacuum instead, make sure that the beater bar or brush roll (the spinning brush in an upright vacuum cleaner) is turned off or lifted up off the floor.If not properly soaked, it will not squeeze, and attempting to do so may break the handle.Clean floors by using a back and forth motion where you are pushing the tool away from you, and then pulling it back.If the dustpan leaves a line right under the rim, move it back and sweep some more.Thats where proper mopping comes.Washing your mop will also ensure it doesn't deteriorate because of bacteria buildup.Sweep the debris into the dustpan and dispose of it in the trash.Don't forget to shake or hose them out periodically.Dump mop water down your sink.If you can remove furnishings, throw rugs, or other obstacles,.
Here are a few floor-cleaning do's and donts to help you make the most of your time spent mopping.
Rinse your bucket with a mixture of water and vinegar after every use.