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Sweep off your feet idiom

sweep off your feet idiom

You can go by the footpath.
See (someone) off or see off (someone) - to go with someone to their point of departure I went to the airport to see my mother off.Stand up (someone) or stand (someone) up - to fail to keep an appointment or date with someone (usually used for a date with a boyfriend or girlfriend) The boy stood up the girl last Saturday and dsw online coupons 2016 now she will not talk to him.Away s'arracher to drag.s.Play footsie (with someone) - to attract someone's attention by touching his or her foot under a table, to flirt with someone The couple at the restaurant were playing footsie with each other.Say the word - to give a sign, to show a wish "Just say the word and I will come and meet you at the airport." say uncle - to surrender, to give in The little boy was forced to say uncle and do what.Speak for itself/themselves efficiency maine lighting rebates - to not need explaining The actions of the men speak for themselves and there is no point talking about.The strike by the teachers quickly brought the school district to its knees.Set (something) off or set off (something) - to decorate something through contrast, to balance something by difference We painted the door red in order to set off the light colors of the walls.Seeing is believing - one must believe something that one sees Seeing is believing and I did not believe the size of the house until I actually saw.The man decided to dig in his heels and would not accept the offer to settle the dispute.(a) served time (b) spilled the beans (c) saved the day (d) shot the breeze protein world coupon code 2016 Answer(b) spilled the beans Return to Main Index.Swing into action - to quickly begin doing something We must swing into action and finish the project.Stand in for (someone) - to be a substitute for someone The new actor stood in for the famous actor who was sick.By the skin of ones teeth - barely We arrived on time for the train by the skin of our teeth.Although she seems very nice she is like a snake in the grass." a snap - an easy task The exam was a snap and I am sure that I did very well.The woman never deals with her problems.Stay in touch with (someone) - to talk or write to someone, to maintain contact with someone I want to stay in touch with my friends from high school.Start from square one - to start from the very beginning We will have to start from square one with our plans for the new project.
Something of the sort - something of the kind just mentioned I do not know exactly what the man said but it was about his job or something of the sort.
(a) stabs people in the back (b) smooths things over (c) slips his mind (d) shoots the breeze Answer(a) stabs people in the back We managed to (gather) enough money to go on a holiday.