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Sweep a girl off her feet definition

sweep a girl off her feet definition

One thing girls can't stand is when guys are fake.
Wrap your arms around her mid back just under her arm-pit.
The other arm goes directly behind her knees and sweep up fast.Visualize yourself sitting comfortably at a theater, and you are there to watch a romantic film, whether it be for your own enjoyment or chosen by someone youve come with.However, if she does call you or meet with you, you've probably swept her off her feet!If a guy says, "I think you have really beautiful hair and the girl is having a terrible hair day, the guy sounds fake and just plain stupid (unless he really means it).The common element portrayed in many romantic gestures is being taken by the overwhelming sensation of promo code for dollar rent a car 2014 love, which also comes through in the phrase, sweep me off my feet.Hell for special effects lift her up together with the chair (not recommended for newbie.The catch is that you need to do it without hesitation or fear.But even if you get the girl at first, it's bound to end in disappointment.Try to walk the line between a feel-good compliment and a cheesy pick up line.Link to this page: a (one) off (one #39;s) feet /a.Here are a few example sentences for this phrase: From the moment they met, he knew he wanted to do everything in his ability to sweep her off her feet.