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Remington model 1911 r1 rebate

remington model 1911 r1 rebate

Now in the interest of full disclosure, until I headed out to refresh myself for this review I hadnt been on a proper range trip in almost three years.
Many gun owners (including this writer) ride the reset.Msrp: 774, ratings (out of five stars Style.Overall: * * * overall the Remington R1 is audi a3 rebates a superb 1911.Select a Recovery Question Select a recovery questionWhat is your city of birth?It took me all of 100 rounds to realize that 1911 hammer bite is not fun, so I outfitted mine with a Wilson Combat hammer and drop in beavertail.Barrel Length:.4 inches, overall Length:.6 inches, width: 1 inch, height:.6 inches.(Click here to read my original review.That said, I still have some issues with the gun.The original Model 51 had an issue with the breech block splitting with regular use.Remington has done away with the manual safety, relying solely on the grip version (and responsible gun handling).Ease of Maintenance: * * Id rather detail strip my 1911 than field strip this thing.Todays R51 has a fixed barrel surrounded by the recoil spring.I dont know where that one came from, but there are worse associations to have.It doesnt online cheap clothing store hold up well at all to any type of wear and even worse when moisture is held against.A standard tilting barrel handgun needs a taller slide to accommodate the barrel, the recoil spring and guide rod parts which need to stay aligned with the frame of the handgun to work properly.Im knocking one star off for a) the lack of a trigger reset, and b) the difficulty in stripping the gun for cleaning.Finish: Remingtons new black oxide, capacity:.Its been around a very long time and is a decent rust preventer in ambient conditions.Overall Rating: * * * * As-is, the gun works.
One last item worthy of mention: Remingtons customer service.
In short, the new new R51 works.