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Places to promote your music online

places to promote your music online

The big ones are oversaturated with new, sensationalist acts, making it harder for you to get heard.
Spotify has nearly every recorded artist on their libraries, so you would absolutely want to be there too.
Here are 3 ways to promote your music online.Karmin (Wix artists!) all have one thing in common: they were all discovered on.Wix Music offers seamless integrations with BandsInTown or Songkick so you can promote your shows and sell tickets directly from your website.Music and mobile are a combo as old as the internet itself; so needless to say, its just as important to spread your music on mobile apps, as it is on popular websites.Creating a channel takes only a few minutes, so what are you waitng for?Create your Music Website, when it comes to promoting your music online, you cant skip a beat(lol).Apple Music is a paid streaming service, which means that its user base is willing to spend money to get the best music listening experience.This video sharing network is the largest in the world and has over a billion users.Spread your music to over 120 of the most popular music channels faber castell colouring competition on the internet, without leaving your Wix account.Twitter gives them the opportunity to find you first by using popular hashtags like #trap, #dance, #music, #rap, #jazz or the music style of your choice when tweeting out new tunes.Upload photos and videos to add a visual element to your music.SongKick users also enjoy perks such as priority ticket booking and all kinds of promo codes.Start with a well-made, professional-looking website you can sell your music and merch from, and work your way up through some of the most popular and influential music streaming platforms online.There probably isnt a recorded artist in the world that isnt on Spotify.You can also use Spotify to stream your videos and engage with other artists in the same genre.Announce concerts and performances and sell tickets in the events section of your website.The fact that Dozmia is a mobile app is an added benefit.Add your music to, and theyll put you on playlists with bands that your fans already love (making you extra cool by association).