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moo promo code july 2015

Education and training programs are very important in developing the medical team and staffs to improve their performance, as well as providing the best medical devices and equipment. .
Almoosa Specialist Hospital is the first healthcare organization in Saudi Arabia, and the fifth worldwide, to be awarded Silver-level recognition since Planetree first introduced the recognition level in 2012.Considered collectively, these discussions with patients and staff attested to a genuine culture of patient-centered care.Central Board Accreditation of Healthcare Institutions (cbahi) tested.09 / Jun / 2015, proceeding from the vision of almoosa specialist hospital, it provides the best medical services to apply the highest international medical calibrators. .It just validates the care that we put in our patients and the dedication of the staff to make the patient as the center of care.The hospital aldi voucher in sun newspaper also participates in educating the society about the healthy living and raising awareness through lectures, seminar, scientific, and educating conferences.The facilities and institutions were evaluated according to seven criteria, they are; the strategy of the facilities objectives, their background and knowledge of the market, the HR management, the facilities commitment to quality and creativity.The Accreditation Audit was carried by international surveyors from a UK based authority named GIC Guardian Independent Certification.The commission follows a very precise evaluation before giving the accreditation for any hospitals or health organizations, as they follow the satisfaction of the patients about the availability and quality of the services for 24 hours. .With its model of patient-/resident-centered care being implemented in a diverse range of hospitals, continuing care facilities, outpatient clinics, and consumer health libraries across the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia, Planetree is demonstrating that patient-/resident-centered care is not only an empowering philosophy.Almoosa specialist hospital gained the accreditation certificate, Joint Commission International (JCI for the international health quality standers and patients safety. .Papa Johns but use Promo code 15pzza and use only 15 points!
The standers include 1200 medical, admission, safety and engendering standers.
The executive director of the hospital lek Almoosa received an award for best executive director in the province for the year 2011.