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Giving kittens away at 8 weeks

giving kittens away at 8 weeks

This will help to avoid future problems with begging for food, as they should not identify with human eating areas as their own dining territory!
If you have to bathe kittens, make sure you dry them well and keep them warm as they can get chilled easily.In the wild, this is how they protect them.Youll want enough room that mom can stretch out to nurse and edges high enough so that the babies dont fall out.To make her feel less lonely, put a teddy bear in with her for something furry to cuddle.This diet does not vary, except to the degree of twit promo code for audible availability in the natural environment.Kittens will nurse every 1-3 hours for the first three weeks.Slip into her routine of sleep and play.Source(s Years of experience with cats and kittens.The key is to make sure the area is private and clean.What to feed kittens?6) closely monitor everyones progress.Initially, mom will be the only one using the litter box.1) givirl some privacy.Always make fresh, clean water available.The reasons behind this concept are based on varying nutritional levels of protein, carbohydrates and vitamins at differing life stages.She was very tame as can be and easy to handle, so the first-time trapper who had brought momma cat in decided to foster the new happy family until the kittens are big enough to wean and adopt out.The t mobile phone deals contract typical commercial kibble diet, on the other hand runs at about 33 37 protein and 28 36 carbohydrate (dry matter).2) feed THE best quality WET food YOU CAN, AND lots OF fresh water.When we have a single kitten that needs to be fostered we always try to add it to another litter of similar age.If you dont have a lot of experience with nursing moms and kittens, its a good idea to bring momma cat and babies in to see a vet at around 1-2 weeks to make sure everyone is doing well.
Giver her about a tablespoon three to four times a day.
Keep the other animals in the household away from them.