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dyi contest

For years, DiCaprio had been attached to The Good Shepherd, a CIA history to co-star and be directed by Robert De Niro.
Leo also has his own foundation, which won the prestigious Martin Litton Environmental Warrior Award for its passionate efforts.
Leo's real follow-up to This Boy's Life was another stormer.It was flashy and fun, and it hit the teen market hard, making a heart-throb of the hitherto fairly arty Leo.The next year would see him campaigning for wannabe president John Kerry, making 20 speeches in 11 states, explaining how George Bush's government had damaged the environment.Beginning the decade as a heavily tipped newcomer, he ended it with Titanic, the biggest hit in cinema history, and a worldwide army of teenage fans so crazed and committed to their idol they had critics recalling the manic days of Beatlemania.But none of them enjoyed (endured?) the kind of enormo-fame achieved by Leonardo DiCaprio.Leonardo Dicaprio (born ) - American actor.The scene where Depp finally cracks, sending Leo spiralling from cacophonous joy to uncomprehending heartbreak, has seldom been bettered.Once there, he discovers a hippie commune led by benign(ish) dictator Tilda Swinton where he makes love, fights sharks and armed evictors, and eventually goes native in the jungle as the movie turns from The Blue Lagoon into Lord Of The Flies.What certainly happened was that the 2 actors, along with Amber Benson and several others, were filmed in a bar, flirting, joking, and discussing drink, drugs and love.Co-producer David Stutman sued them back for - amongst other things - trying to stop him making a living.Already keen to act, he'd spend his summers on courses in performance art.Having encountered actress Elizabeth Berkley at the launch party for The Man In The Iron Mask, it was alleged that Leo bombarded her with calls and, later, ordered his friends to kick the ass of Berkley's boyfriend, actor and screenwriter Roger Wilson, an incident that.Leonardo would work with Maguire again duty free voucher heathrow soon after This Boy's Life.As if still striking against inevitable superstardom, Leo followed this up with the infinitely more low-key Marvin's Room, where Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton played estranged sisters drawn back together when Keaton is diagnosed with leukaemia and Meryl's son Hank (Leo in an institution for.This would lead to a brief appearance in Poison Ivy, where Drew Barrymore really kicked off her comeback as a nutty Lolita terrorising poor Tom Skerritt.Here he played dual roles, as the decadent and cruel young king, Louis XIV and his twin Philippe - a nice guy that musketeers Jeremy Irons, Gerard Depardieu and John Malkovich attempt to sneak onto the throne.The film was not a success, but it did send Leo over the 20 million-a-movie mark.It would cover his relationships with the likes of Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow and, especially, Katherine Hepburn, but would also concentrate on his gradual mental disintegration as he succumbed to obsessive-compulsive disorders.Unfortunately for Leo and Tobey, who rather wished it would go away, the movie was picked up on by the art set in Europe and screened at the Berlin Film Festival in 2001.He won a part in Santa Barbara, a post-Dallas soap featuring a young Robin Wright, and played a friend of the family McCullough, owners of the latest reincarnation of Lassie.Sadly, the movie would be shelved indefinitely as Oliver Stone's Alexander epic reached the production stage first.
Come 2000, Wilson sued DiCaprio for 45 million, claiming Leo had set his friends on him.
Here he played a traveller seeking thrills as well as himself in Bangkok, and finding a map showing a paradise island that's supposedly the spiritual home of all wayward souls.