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Discount tires rockford phone number

discount tires rockford phone number

Both of these are less than 2 different in over all diameter from the original.
I would appreciate any help.Does anyone know if they will fit?P225/60R/17 Tiresfort 2007 Honda CRV by Leslie (Bigfork, Montana) I have found some used summer tires that are slightly smaller than my current tires which are 225/65/17.In your case, switching from a 225/60 to a 205/65 is a remarkably close match.This, in itself isn't a big problem, but you will be spending more money on gas and will be travelling slower than your speedometer shows.In theory there is no problem with switching to different sizes as long as they are the same on all wheels.With the 235/65's the difference is only about 1/2 free winzip download 19 an inch and in the case of the 235/60's is about as thick as a fingernail.Editorial Comment: You are absolutely correct, the difference between the recommended 205/60R15 and the 185/65R15 tires which you are considering are minimal almost so little as to not make any difference in performance at all.I don't think you will find it excessive, but that's up to you to decide in the end.The 92 is a higher load rating and the speed rating of S is the same.By brandon shaw (walhalla sc ) 1997 Ford Exporer I have bigger tires on the back of my 1997 ford explorer (225/75/r15) and smaller tires on front, it grinds when i drive.Having done this before she can't find any other reason for not "hitting the spot" dead.Editorial Comment: There are usually two issues to consider when you think about changing tire sizes, in a case like yours.In either case, however, there is not a tremendous difference in the radius of either sized when compared to the 215/65's which you say are currently on the vehicle.Usually the best thing to do is try a test fitting in the most restricted part of the car and try turning your steering to the extreme left and right sides to make certain there will be no rubbing.It's easy.