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Discount factor definition

discount factor definition

(Banking Finance) below the regular price.
An allowance made for exaggeration or bias, as in a report or story.
To disregard or doubt (something) as being exaggerated or untrustworthy: discount a rumor.In a discrete time model where agents discount the future by a factor of american express cash back b, one usually lets b1 1r) where r is the discount rate.Discount yield "charge" to delay payment for 1 year / debt liability.Any deduction from the nominal value.For a zero-rate (also called spot rate) r, taken from a yield curve, and a time to cash flow T (in years the discount factor is: D F ( T ) 1 ( 1 r T ).The amount of interest deducted in the purchase or sale of or the loan of money on unmatured negotiable instruments.Loosely, the yield or cost of capital used for the purpose of calculating Discount Factors.Discounted, discounting, discounts.Since a person can earn a return on money invested over some period of time, most economic and financial models assume the discount yield is the same as the rate of return the person could receive by investing this money elsewhere (in assets of similar.For example the 6 rate applied in definition.Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics (Third.).
The discount factor is a weighting term that multiplies future happiness, income, and losses in order voucher school to determine the factor by which money is to be multiplied to get the net present value of a good or service.
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