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Designer discount fabric

designer discount fabric

Light Weight Fabric : Super Light Weight for Drapery Use Only.
Why wait until then?
Costly, DoesntNecessarily Mean Quality, theres a terrible misconception in the home fabric industry: Various vendors, retail stores, decorators and even catalogs push the idea that whatever costs the most is the best.We are family owned, which lets us control our own profits.We dont think our customers should pay for fancy fixtures or merchandise displays.You dont wait until your clothes fall apart before you update them, so tvaa high school art competition why should you do that with your home furnishings?We keep prices low because we enjoy selling a large quantity of quality products at a low price.Your home is an expression of your personality and style.For example, a piece of fabric that comes from the mill may cost ten dollars.For example, our 100 woven Dupioni silk from India is offered.99 per yard.The design store or decorator will then raise the price yet again, charging you a lot more than what its really worth.Customers often say, I wish the fabric on my sofa would wear out so I could recover it!They are however very nice people, that will happily cut you a swatch, share their opinion and carry the bolt to your car.Its a place where you spend time with family and friends.To keep it fresh and inviting, you dont have to break the bank, you just have to shop smart and Cutting Corners, Interior Fabrics and Fabric Resource are definitely a smart place to start.
They cant design your home for you, but they will help you prepare in any way they can.