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Cubs win world series sweep miami

cubs win world series sweep miami

This latter form of the discount dress shop near me rumor resurfaced in rupaul's drag race season 8 episode 2 judges October 2015, when the Cubs reached the National League Championship Series (nlcs and again in October 2016, when the Cubs finally reached the World Series for the first time in 71 years (against the Cleveland Indians).
To sum up, the 2015 showcased in the early part.
So it's no wonder Marty McFly was so surprised when he fast-forwarded to Oct.Collected on the Internet, 2015 "Back to the Future II" predicted a Cubs World Series win?The Marlins are, of course, in the National League.Perhaps it's in the nature.The Cubs win the World Series and mayhem breaks out in Chicago in this video game.There is no set future anymore.So, back to 1885 he goes, theres all that nonsense with Mary Steenburgen and, eventually, Marty gets pushed by the train to 88 mph to return to the regular 1985 whereupon the DeLorean is immediately crushed by a real train.One version of the rumor has the character Biff, who ultimately ends up with the almanac, commenting on the 1997 entry (as described in the example above but he actually makes no such statement in the film.Doc knocks out Jennifer and then tells Marty to go into the Cafe 80s to stop his son from making a disastrous pact with Biffs grandson, Griff.And with the fictional 2015 champion Cubs visiting this week, the Marlins declared Tuesday night's game #RewriteTheFuture night.We leave the films with a 2015 in which anything can happen.Pandemonium at the Wiener's Circle.Sorry to burst the bubbles of Cubs fans, Back to the Future fans and fans of sheer randomness, but Ive go weekly sweepstakes got some bad news for you: The second movie in the trilogy doesnt actually predict that the Cubs would win the World Series in 2015.12 'Back to the Future' gear for right now (pictures).Jun 2, 2015, in 1989, when "Back to the Future Part II" came out, the Chicago Cubs had not won a World Series in 81 years and Miami did not have a Major League Baseball franchise.Of course, the Cubs sign him on the spot and he leads them all the way, flashing a blue World Series ring at the end.The Marlins didn't even exist at the time.This broadcast inspires Marty to buy a sports almanac and take it back to the past with him so that he can make accurate bets on future sporting events, but the contents of the almanac are not revealed in the film.
What better way to give him the idea than with a really outrageous scenario, which is the Cubs win the World Series?
Automatically, that creates the alternate 1985 timeline, in which Biff is a Trump-like billionaire who earned it all off gambling thanks to the almanac.