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Broadcast journalism contests

broadcast journalism contests

Broadcast of Telephone Conversations. .
Completing several internships in different publications will increase the chances of getting hired as a full-time employee.Commercial radio lays flavor contest entry and television stations must keep in their public files a copy of every agreement involving: (1) time brokerage of that station, or (2) time brokerage by any other station owned by the same licensee. .However, at the point of sale, retailers must post notices advising consumers that TV sets and equipment such as VCRs that contain only an analog tuner will not be able to receive over-the-air-television signals from full-power broadcast stations after February 17, 2009, without the use.The station must keep the political records in the file for two years after the spot airs. .Stations must keep records that substantiate compliance with this limitation in their public files and retain them until the next grant of the station renewal application has become final.However, if you are offended by a stations programming, we urge you to make your concerns known to the station licensee, in writing.Alternatively, if consumers purchase a digital television (a TV with built in digital tuner they will be able to receive digital broadcast programming. .In addition, television licensees with five or more full-time employees and radio licensees with 11 or more full-time employees must file an FCC Form 397 Broadcast Mid-Term Report. .13 A month after Hearst took over the paper, the Examiner ran this headline about a hotel fire: hungry, frantic flames.(You can find more information regarding the political broadcasting laws at pages 13-14 of this Manual.) EEO Materials. .DTV stations also may identify their digital multicast programming streams separately if they wish, and, if so, must follow the format described in the FCCs rules.As discussed in detail at pages 25-31 of this Manual, each station also must maintain and make available to any member of the public for inspection, generally at its studio, a local public inspection file which contains these reports, as well as other materials that.This Manual provides only a general overview of our broadcast regulation. .Digital broadcasting also enables television stations to offer viewers several benefits. .
Use of high gain antennas or antenna booster amplifiers.
Stations must keep a file which contains a complete record of a request to purchase broadcast time that: (A) is made by or on behalf of a legally qualified candidate for public office; or (B) communicates a message relating to any political matter of national.