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Bodybuilding competition diet final week

bodybuilding competition diet final week

Normal pre-contest diet foods.
Take 400 milligrams potassium, 100 mgs four times a day with meals.Red onion cup, balsamic vinegar 2 tbsp, totals: 328 calories with 32g protein, 32g carbs and 9g fat.Drink 2-3 gallons of H20.Cup uncooked 10 almonds, totals: 240 calories with 20g protein, 22g carbs and 8g fat.The Protocol: Sunday (six days out carb deplete (70-100 grams).The new england journal of medicine.If you have any metabolic disorders or health problems I wouldn't recommend this.It worked like magic every single time!If you get up at 6:00.m.Start taking herbal diuretics; two tablets with each meal (12 total).After four weeks on the diet you will be used to eating 6 meals a day with three main meals and three snacks and then slowly start reducing calories.Evidence-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding contest preparation: nutrition and supplementation.Jaw Droping Muscle Size and Definition!There is a dramatic and noticeable shift in the body's water balance by Thursday.Contest Prep: The Final Week Guideline.Thursday (two days out continue carbing up (300 grams, more if you look flat).Daily totals: 1,518 calories, 174g protein, 124g carbs, 40g fat.You should wake up Thursday morning looking very sharp.Well, you know what they nike discount codes online say; second place is nothing but the first loser, so through sheer disgust, I set out to find a way to correct this water retention problem." Peak Week: Water Sodium " by Layne Norton.And you get onstage at 1:00 pm, that's another 250 grams of complex carbs prior to pre-judge.
Boiled or baked 3 oz sweet potato.